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Glacier: Project Aurora

The Aurora Project embodies a clash between color and baseball. Traditionally, wood bats have been made with the same 5-10 colors.

The bat of the month is the embodiment of what Tater stands for, to be different.

This showcases not only our commitment to innovation but our superior craftsmanship.

These bats are made with limited supply, and cannot be ordered again once they sell out.

Each bat is 1 of 50 made.

This is inspired by the clear skies found during spring training. It is a reminder of being locked up for the winter, and anticipating the start of the pro season. From snowy days up north - Arizona and Florida skies are as clear as can be.

This project will reflect moments in the past that have shaped our future.


  • Model: Tater-X12 - Our most popular model to date.
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Bat Weight: Drop 3 or -3 (subtracted from the length of that bat. Example: 32" 29 oz.)
  • Ink Dot Tested - Big League Wood
  • Wood Species: Top 5% Reserva - Rock Hard Maple
  • Knob Style: Flared for comfort
  • Handle Color: Torched
  • Barrel Color: Glacier
  • Finish: SVS Signature Series - The hardest high gloss finish in the game.

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Length: 31"