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2 Wood Bat Pack Bundle

About the 3 Wood Bat Pack Bundle

Bat packs allow athletes to purchase multiple bats at a discounted rate. This particular bat pack comes with two Tater-271 Pro bats in the same size, weight, and color. The Tater-271 model is perhaps the most consistently popular bat in the big leagues since its introduction in the early 1970s. For over three decades, the classic flared knob and balance has been preferred by power and contacthitters alike.

The Tater-271 has a faster transition from the taper to the barrel of the bat making it feel very balanced.

Want it in a different model?

To get this bat pack in a different model, simply just specify the model you would like in the notes section at checkout. If you need help feel free to contact us via live chat or email!

Want your bat pack to be all custom?

This bat pack is only offered in a natural handle black barrel colorway. . If you would like to purchase a bat pack with custom-designed bats, you will need to make each bat individually and add them to the cart. You can access our selection on bats within our Bat Builder collection. However, custom bats do not qualify for bat pack pricing.

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Length: 31"
Weight: -3