Baseball is a Lifestyle

Baseball is a Lifestyle

Some people are just born for this

Working out daily, focusing on fundamentals, and the repetition this sport requires is not for the faint of heart. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to break. This game requires a lot of diligence and will teach life lessons at any age group. The long practices, double headers, team bonding, and the game's natural highs and lows brings a sense of understanding amongst all ballplayers. But let us not forget that the baseball lifestyle is fun and full of shenanigans!   

Some players want results without putting the effort in  

The growing culture of impatience, where instant gratification is commonplace is conditioning kids to have expectations that they deserve the maximum with a minimum input. The demand for instant results is in every aspect in our lives. Becoming less patient is a problem in sports such as baseball where persistence and dedication are requirements for success. Kids would rather play video games in the comfort of their homes and see immediate progress virtually instead of grinding and building at a slow pace playing a skill driven sport. 

Another key factor is the notion of baseball being a thought driven sport.

Players need to be attentive, plan each play, understand the different complexities of the game, and foresee the execution before it occurs. 

Technology has taken over critical thinking and strategy in the sense that it requires more effort. Automation and shortcuts have made us mentally lazy.

Baseball is a sport where you have to be in tip top shape mentally and physically at all times.  

Natural Talent 

Naturally gifted players have an obvious competitive advantage over the average player. This is particularly apparent in the youth baseball age groups were they excel in practice drills and on the field. However, as players hit middle school and high school, practice and dedication begins to outshine talent. While there is a notion of earned talent (players who work hard at an early age excel), for the majority of the time we see various splits in baseball programs nationwide.

  • Naturally gifted players fall off and stop playing due to lack of effort (laziness)
  • Naturally gifted players work the bare minimum to stay slightly ahead of the competition
  • Hard working players begin to outshine and compete with gifted players
  • Average to below average players fall off and only play school ball or quit 

At the end of the day 

Tater Bats Wood Bat Company - Hard Work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard

While living the baseball lifestyle entails hours of work it does comes with fun and plenty of shenanigans 

Rain delays, dance offs, pepper, one bounce, and jousting are just a few things ballplayers do. There's something to Bryce Harper's "Make Baseball Fun" that exists in everyone's heart who plays the sport. While baseball is a gentleman's sport built on respect, bat flips, celebrations, rally caps, and odd superstitions are all aspects we can all thoroughly enjoy.    

Jousting during rain delays 

Baseball Shenanagains in rain - tater bats wood bat co

Jousting at Baseball park during rain delay

Golfing during a rain delay

Baseball players during rain delays

Sniper Challenge feat: Manny Cruz

Why we love playing and watching baseball

It's never over until all the innings are done, there's no clock and a team can come back from the biggest defecit no matter what time it is in the game. The game can turn on a dime just one home run, stolen base, or RBI can change the course on the game in seconds.

Baseball is a game of subtle strategy. Pitchers and catchers have to strategize about what is the best pitch for a each batter just like there is strategy needed to create the batting order. It is almost like a game of chess. Moves are calculated and made to set up to get that W. 


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