Founded in 2015, the origin story of Tater is as American as the game of baseball. In 2015, Tater Baseball, (formally Tater Bats) was born out of a shed in the backyard with a dream of becoming something special.

Our Founder and CEO, Freddie Vargas, was inspired to form Tater when his brother, Jeremiah, and Father, Fred Sr, came home from a training session.

While talking about an idea for a training bat, Freddie stated, "We can change the game with that." and Tater was launched soon after.

After a year of running the company out of the shed in their backyard, The Vargas family upgraded to the garage.

The growing didn't stop there. After a year in the garage, Tater opened their own store front and now have over 150+ pro players using their wood bats, batting gloves, and gear.



  • Truly Premium

    We think you deserve choice. We believe no one should be reduced to just using cookie cutter, mass produced equipment. Therefore, we make each bat one at a time to ensure the craftsmanship is nothing less than stellar.

  • Production

    By using straight grained premium woods, we are able to provide well-crafted and performing baseball bats for both youth and adult players. Science and engineering drives everything we do, any product stamped Tater undergoes strict quality control measures.

  • Ballplayers at Heart

    We are a baseball family and want to keep it that way. Therefore, in doing so, we live by our high-quality standards and expertise. The love of the game runs deep in all of us, and the love to invent will never cease.


Just as a bat is more than a piece of wood with a logo, there is more to us than just the product. Everything we do is bound by one simple thought:

We strive to help players perform at their best

Tater Baseball was born out of a small wood shop and has evolved into a leader in the industry. Through innovative designs and utilizing the most advanced equipment, our consistency and quality assurance is unparalleled.

7 years in the industry and 5 years in the Bigs, we have solidified ourselves as a premier bat manufacturer and baseball brand, gaining the trust of hundreds of professional players around the world.

With players such as Starling Marte and Teoscar Hernández:

We have been able to make history together.