Best Wood Softball Bat

Best Wood Softball Bat

Just like baseball bats, wood softball bats come in all shapes and sizes for players. Some players like thin and balanced while others are looking for something end-loaded with a big barrel. We carry a variety of softball bat models that satisfy all the major categories as well as carrying models that fit in the transitional sectors.

The models we carry are TB-SB34, TB-BB34, TB-LGND34, TB-LGND34F, & the TB-SB34 PRO.

The TB-SB34 is extremely balanced and the has the thinnest barrel of the lot. It has a familiar feel to a thin metal bat and also has the traditional bat knob style.

The TB-BB34 is a modification to the first in which we increased the barrel size and the handle is slightly thicker.

TB-LGND34 has a thin handle and an extremely quick and drastic transition to the barrel. This model utilizes the traditional knob.

The TB-SB34 PRO is a big barrel bat which has a taper down at the end of the bat to give hitters more barrel on the ball at the sweet spot. This end loaded bat is loved by power hitters.

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