Swag: the pine tar look without the mess

Swag: the pine tar look without the mess

Proud to be the first to introduce a new style

I am very pleased to announce the new pine tar look on our bats while showcasing our product to the best during Spring Training 2018. This look is inspired to embody the look of having your bat loaded with pine tar without the smell or mess. 

We as ballplayers know through experience that while the pine tar look is swaggy, comes with some cons. Those cons include the potential to ruin the rest of your gear or other bats; times such as putting it in your bag or resting the bat on your shoulder can get it all over the place without you noticing. 

We love setting trends

We aren't strangers to bringing something new to the market. From making matte finish bats popular to our flamed out bats are just examples of how our new takes on wood bats transforms the industry. Creativity and collaboration with ballplayers makes this all possible.

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