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Jonathan Morales Mashes a Tater & PR Wins 2nd Straight Caribbean Series Title


In Guadalajara, MX  Jonathan Morales hit a three-run homer in the seventh inning, and Puerto Rico won its second straight Caribbean Series title, rallying past the Dominican Republic 9-4 on Feb 9, 2018.

The team was down 4-3 in the seventh, Morales came up to bat and blasted his first home run of the tournament to give them the lead. 

The Puerto Rican catcher knew the ball was gone once it left his bat. The crowed went wild as he strutted out of the batter's box, tossing the bat and watching the ball sail through the air over the wall. 

As he reached home, he pounded his chest and stomped on the plate like the game was over.

Morales Said:

"This victory means a lot for me and my country of Puerto Rico, because it's been hard and it's been a tough situation because of the hurricane," and he also stated "But it doesn't matter, because when you have God in your heart, you play and you get that W. I feel blessed."