Players Weekend 2019

Players Weekend 2019

This year I can say we are blessed to participate in Player's Weekend 2019. 

From Friday through Sunday, Major League players will be using a different type of custom bat.The rules typically limit bat colors, logos colors, and do not allow player-name branding or styles outside of standard regulations.
Every one of the bats we made have a significant meaning, to us and our #TeamTater players.
There's a lot of detail in each of the bats and each one was designed in-house!

Starling Marte - Pittsburgh Pirates

Better known as "TATO", Marte has crushed 22 bombs this year-to-date accompanied with 73 RBIs and 24 stolen bags. This bat takes inspiration from last years bat with a little twist. On the front, the bridge pays homage to the Roberto Clemente Bridge takes fans directly to PNC Park, while the back is a silhouette of the city of Pittsburgh followed by an outline of Marte's number.


Francisco Cervelli - Pittsburgh Pirates

This year we were blessed to meet Cisco during spring training where we designed his model and made him several bats. He is an Italo-Venezuelan professional baseball catcher and the bat was made to represent. We decided to layer a set of bricks over the flag to represent the strength of the people in VZ. While this year has been tough with injury (concussion), we are looking forward to Cisco getting back on the diamond and doing what he loves.


Yan Gomes - Washington Nationals

Yan swings a couple different models we make. I am proud to say he has been a part of #teamtater since we made it to the bigs. Gomes is a Brazilian-American professional baseball catcher and we wanted to make something that reflected both parts of him. You will see the Washington Capital has been transformed into a flag while the backside contains the Brazilian flag.

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