Wood Bat Maintenance

Wood Bat Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Wood Bat

Now that you have purchased your premium bat from Tater, you may wonder what is the best way to keep it in game ready condition. Your Tater bat has been meticulously crafted and has been developed with high performance and quality standards simply because we want to see you have the most success with it as possible.

The Right Environment

It is incredibly important to keep your bat in the right temperature conditions. As you may know, wood expands and contracts depending on the temperature it is set in. Sometimes players leave their bag inside the trunk of the car - THIS IS A BIG NO NO!

It does not matter if it's cold or hot, either or has its particular reasons why it should not be in there.

On a hot day, your car will sit in the sun and may reach temperatures of over 100 ºF. This will cause the bat to not only dry out but also expand and potentially change shape.

The thermal expansion of wood is smaller than expansion due to absorption of water. Be sure to not leave your bat exposed to the elements. One problem players may face is playing during a rain game - this does not pose a large problem unless you leave the bat in an uncovered area. Lastly, beware of leaving your bat in a damp area such as a garage.

Players who leave the bats in the garage can find themselves causing their bat to retain moisture or in some cases coat your bat in nasty mold.

Respect the Tools of Your Craft

At the end of the day as a ballplayer - you need to respect the tools of your craft.

Your tools are your equipment - how you treat it is a direct reflection of you.

If you throw you helmet or bat, leave your glove on the floor, or have your entire bag spread throughout the dugout people notice and your tools will not last.

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