Overload and Underload Training. Why is it Popular?

Overload and Underload Training. Why is it Popular?

Overload Underload Training Explained

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level by increasing your bat speed, exit velocity, and implementing proper swing mechanics our Overload and Underload Training Bats are the right tools for you. Whether you or your player is 10 years old or playing at an elite level of high school baseball these training bats will help you develop the offensive skills you need to make serious noise at the plate.

Underload and Overload training bats are crucial for the development of any baseball player at any level. Our G-Force and SST training bats perfectly complement one another to produce big-time results. The G-Force bat is typically 10-12 ounces. heavier than a normal game bat and with a massive, end-loaded barrel that teaches ALL hitters how to: control the barrel, stay through the baseball, and hit for power!

The SST training bat is usually -6-7 oz. and cut to the desired length with a smaller, lighter, sweet spot barrel, that forces ALL hitters to improve: hand speed, barrel whip, and hitting the ball OUT IN FRONT of the plate. 

Entrusted by multiple professional baseball organizations, elite college baseball programs, and some of the best travel ball teams in the country our Overload and Underload training bats are helping player’s across all levels of play develop their skills exponentially.

These two training bats allow our hitters to identify weaknesses, strengthen those weaknesses, and work towards becoming a complete hitter.  

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