The Bat Making Process

The Bat Making Process

The Tater Difference

Here at Tater, we pride ourselves on being a premier bat manufacturer, and our quality shows for it. Many Big Leaguers are quickly transitioning to swing Tater for many reasons, but the main reason stems from our constant craving to provide the best, for the best. With countless hours of research and development, paired with our strict quality control measures we are able to provide a bat that not only performs better than others but speaks for itself. Never deviating from quality, each player regardless of the playing level, swings the same wood as our Big Leaguers.

Selecting the Wood:

The first step in crafting a high-quality bat starts with sourcing the best wood. Using only the top 5% of hand split maple and birch we ensure our wood supply is both consistent and always carefully examined for perfect grain lines. Any billets (blank of wood) that don’t fit our quality standards will not be made into a game bat and will in turn be used as a trophy or display bat.

Precision Cutting:

With our computerized lathe (CNC) each bat is cut perfectly to the players specifications leaving no room for error. Our dedication to superior craftmanship has led us to develop expertly tested models designed and cut for optimal performance. Each bat is cut from start to finish in less than 2 minutes.

Hand Sanding and Rubbing:

Once our CNC lathe sweeps through its final cut of the bat, the sanding process begins. Each bat gets our utmost attention as it is sanded to perfection and rubbed to unlock its fullest hardness features. Throughout this process, our production team actively measures the width of the most important parts of the bat: handle, neck and barrel. This quality control measure ensures each bat is finished exactly to its dimensions before it begins the painting process.

Skillfully Painted:

After a bat is finely sanded, it is then moved to our painting department. With over 30+ years of experience in the high-end furniture industry, our painting department skillfully paints each bat to the player’s preferred colors. Bats are then sealed and finished with a unique proprietary topcoat that increases the hardness factors of each bat.

Personalized and Labeled:

Bats are fully cured and dried before engraved and labeled. Players name and model specifications such as model number, length, and weight are engraved on the barrel. Engravings are painted to match the same color as the desired Tater logo that is applied at the 18-inch mark where the barrel begins to taper.   

Final Quality Check and Packaging:

Each bat is carefully examined for any visible flaws and weighed one final time to ensure the desired weight remained consistent throughout the process. Bats are then boxed and sealed in air-tight plastic to ensure the desired weight again isn’t compromised. In only a few days players can expect the bat to arrive at their doorstep, ready to be unboxed and lace baseballs.

Overall the process takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. We feel as though it is our mission to provide the most high-quality bat to players of all ages. Our detailed process may take some time, but rest assured we are certain the waiting time for a custom Tater will be well worth it.

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