Tater Wooden Bat Warranty

Tater Baseball takes great pride in the quality, durability, and performance of our product, continually surpassing industry standards. However, being a natural wood product – breakage can and will still occur.

30-day limited warranty

By using your Tater Baseball 2021 model year or later you agree to be bound by all the terms of this warranty. Before using your bat, please read this warranty carefully. If you do not agree to the terms of this warranty, do not use your bat. Return your bat to the dealer of purchase. See the dealer’s return policy for details and/or additional return requirements. Note – this limited warranty applies only to 2021 model year or later.

Under this limited warranty, Tater Baseball will provide a replacement of your Tater wood bat within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase (“Warranty Period”) for the following condition resulting from normal field use -- structural cracking.

To qualify for warranty service, you must be the original purchaser of the bat and provide proof of purchase from an authorized Tater Baseball dealer. Within these 30 days and in order to be eligible for replacement, you must be able to demonstrate that you have adhered to our Hitting Guidelines as outlined below.

  • Do not hit Cage-Style Dimpled Baseballs
  • Do not store bat in a car, garage, or areas exposed to heat or extreme conditions
  • Do not modify or sand the handle of the bat

Failure to adhere to the Hitting Guidelines will automatically void your replacement guarantee.


To complete your warranty claim you must send your bat to the Tater Baseball along with a valid proof of purchase. If Tater Baseball determines that your bat is covered by the warranty, then Tater Baseball will at its sole option and in its sole discretion (1) replace your bat with the same model bat, or (2) replace your bat with a comparable bat should your bat be discontinued or otherwise unavailable, or (3) provide you with a voucher to be used toward the purchase of other Tater Baseball products on www.taterbaseball.com or www.taterbats.com. If Tater Baseball determines that your bat is not covered by this limited warranty, then we will return your bat to you.

A replacement bat does not start a new 30-day Warranty Period.

Note - Tater Baseball reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person who, in Tater Baseball’s sole discretion, abuses its products or warranty policy.