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H-Web Outfield Glove

H-Web Outfield Glove

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The H-Web Custom Outfield Glove extends the precision and adaptability of the H-Web design to outfielders seeking a glove that offers both reliability and flexibility. Recognizing that outfielders encounter a wide range of play situations, this glove combines the structural benefits of the H-Web with the specific needs of outfield play, ensuring you're prepared for any ball that comes your way.
  • Versatile H-Web Design: The H-Web pattern, known for its smaller gaps between the leather strips compared to an I-Web, offers a balance of flexibility and security, making it suitable for outfielders who need to catch fly balls and line drives confidently.
  • Premium Leather Construction: Crafted with high-quality leather, this glove is designed for durability and a comfortable fit, with a quick break-in period that allows outfielders to get game-ready faster.
  • Customizable for the Individual Player: Personalize your glove with a range of options, including size, color, and embroidery, allowing outfielders to tailor their glove not just to their physical needs but also to their personal style.
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United States Steer Hide; Tanned in Japan.

Each glove is meticulously handcrafted to meet the vigorous standards of professional baseball. Our gloves are highly structured and extremely lightweight.


The strongest. Full grain leather is the topmost part of the hide, where the animal’s hair existed. Because it still has the epidermis layer, it is the strongest type of leather.