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I-Web Infield Glove

I-Web Infield Glove

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Elevate your infield defense with the Elite I-Web Custom Infield Glove, a top choice among second basemen, shortstops, and third basemen seeking unmatched agility and quick ball transfers. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and personalized to fit your unique style, this glove is designed to enhance your performance and elevate your game to new heights.
Key Features:
  • I-Web Design: Featuring the iconic I-Web pattern—two horizontal leather strips with a centered vertical strip—this glove boasts a design that's not only visually striking but functionally superior. The I-Web's structure creates a shallow pocket, ideal for rapid ball transfers and seamless plays.
  • Position-Specific Engineering: While perfect for all infield positions, the I-Web's quick-transfer capabilities make it especially favored by middle infielders at shortstop and second base, where speed and precision are paramount.
  • Premium Leather for Peak Performance: Constructed from the highest quality leather, the Elite I-Web Glove offers durability, a comfortable fit, and a swift break-in period, ensuring it's game-ready and resilient.
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United States Steer Hide; Tanned in Japan.

Each glove is meticulously handcrafted to meet the vigorous standards of professional baseball. Our gloves are highly structured and extremely lightweight.


The strongest. Full grain leather is the topmost part of the hide, where the animal’s hair existed. Because it still has the epidermis layer, it is the strongest type of leather.