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Tater Baseball

Tater-BB34 Official Softball Wood Bat

Tater-BB34 Official Softball Wood Bat

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  • MADE IN U.S.A.

Tater-BB34 Official Softball Wood Bat:

The Powerhouse of Precision and Balance

Elevate Your Softball Game with Unmatched Balance and Performance

Introducing the Tater-BB34 Official Softball Wood Bat, a superior choice for softball enthusiasts seeking the ultimate combination of durability, performance, and speed. Crafted as a larger counterpart to our beloved SB34 model, the BB34 maintains the perfect equilibrium between a hefty swing and nimble handling, making it an ideal selection for both newcomers to slow pitch softball and veterans in search of a balanced bat with a generous barrel.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Softball Excellence: The BB34 is designed specifically for softball play, offering a larger barrel that enhances contact and drives performance, making every hit count.
  • Exceptional Balance: Despite its larger size, the BB34 boasts an extremely balanced design, ensuring hitters can enjoy both power and precision without compromising on swing speed.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Crafted from high-quality wood, this bat offers the perfect blend of lightweight handling and enduring durability, standing up to the rigors of game after game.
  • Enhanced Bat Speed and Placement: The thin, streamlined profile of the BB34 allows hitters to effortlessly combine rapid bat speed with strategic placement hitting, offering a competitive edge that can change the course of the game.
  • Standard 28-Ounce Weight: With a standard weight of 28 ounces, the BB34 is engineered to provide a comfortable, manageable experience for players, ensuring the bat feels like a natural extension of the hitter's arms.

Why Choose the Tater-BB34 Official Softball Wood Bat?

  • For the Ambitious Hitter: Whether you're stepping into the world of slow pitch softball or aiming to refine your hitting technique with a balanced, large-barreled bat, the BB34 is your go-to choice for achieving your batting goals.
  • Precision Meets Power: No need to choose between hitting power and control. The BB34's design ensures you can have both, allowing for dynamic, impactful gameplay.
  • Built to Last: Embrace a bat that's as resilient as your passion for the game. The BB34's durable construction means it's ready to accompany you through countless hits and homers.
  • A Bat for Every Player: With its standard weight and balanced feel, the BB34 is suited for a wide range of players, from those just beginning their softball journey to seasoned players looking for an edge.

Durability and Quality

Crafted from premium-grade maple, our stock bat stands the test of time, game after game. Its precise grain alignment ensures unparalleled durability, letting you swing with confidence and power.


Designed for balance and a superior sweet spot, optimizing your swing for maximum power and precision. Its weight distribution is meticulously engineered to enhance your performance at the plate, making every hit count.

Brand Reputation and Endorsements

Trusted by professionals, the X12 is a testament to Tater Baseball's commitment to excellence and innovation in baseball equipment. Our bats are chosen by MLB players for their quality and performance, making our bat a choice you can trust.

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Below are examples of colors you can mix and match.

Every color can be paired with a different color handle and barrel.

You can use this as a reference to get creative with your custom wood bat!


Embedded to the bottom of the knob, these medallions are to show that you stand out.

Each medallion signifies identifying characteristics (i.e. pro, amateur, youth) and adds a different element to our bats to #letthesticktalk.


Our engineering process is nothing like any other bat company. Each model is engineered and tested to create maximum output.

This allows us to create the best bat on the market, and our software can prove it.


Our Bats are all finished with our industry leading SVS finish technology.

Our finish is second to none and the hardest in the game.

This creates an extremely durable product and drastically increases the surface hardness allowing you to impress at the plate.


    Our wood billets are hand-split by top North American producers, meeting the highest baseball bat standards and sourced from annually replenished, sustainably managed second-growth forests.


    Each custom bat has the ability to be customized with a FREE name engraving of your choice.


    We keep our standards the same for everyone, from Little League to the Majors - each and every bat is made to the same spec.

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Other Details

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Types of Wood

Maple has been dominating the batters box for the last 20+ years. Maple is the most used wood species in the pros. It is the most dense of the three wood bats and strongest all around.

However, since maple doesn't have much give or flex - more energy is transferred upon impact at the plate.

The downside to using maple is that the "sweet spot" is smaller than other woods and it is not as forgiving as other wood species on a miss hit. Since there is little to no flex hitters who drive ball off end of the bat or hitters who don't like to crowd the plate may want to look towards Birch or Ash as a better option.

Birch is known to be the best of both worlds when compared to maple and ash. It has been becoming increasingly popular among players of all age groups.

It has similar density properties as maple yet has more flex and is more forgiving on miss hits.

This is especially a great option for new players to wood who do not want to pass up durability for performance and also suitable for players who are playing up a division or age.

Blog: Differences between Maple, Birch, and Ash Bats

Size and Drop Weight

Length: Any length from 30''-34''

Weight: Any weight from -3 to +2

Drop weight is the difference between bat length and weight. To determine a bat’s weight in ounces, take the drop weight number and subtract/add it from the bat length. For example, a -3 drop weight means that a 34" bat weighs 31 ounces (34 -3 = 31).

Blog: How to Choose the Right Sized Bat


An integral part of the bat, a quality cup is essential. Our handcrafted cupping allows for cups of different depths, altering the weight and feel of the bat.

Our process allows the bat to be more durable and exponentially decrease the risk of chips and cracks.

Blog: Cupped or Uncupped Bats

Ink Dot

All of our maple and birch bats are ink dot tested to ensure the premier quality of our products.

The ink dot is proof that the piece of wood satisfies the ideal slope of the grain for MLB use; signifying that it is of the highest quality wood standard.